Ramco Development Inc. & Ramco Group of Companies

Ramco Development Inc.

Ramco Development Inc. was established in 1977 from the bold vision of Jacob Attias. An experienced builder who, to adapt to the economic context of the times, foresaw the potential that a multiple partnership could offer within the same sector of activity.

Through its parent company, Cegeco Design & Construction Ltd, founded in 1973, dedicated, among other, to the construction of all Ramco buildings, more specifically to turnkey projects, Ramco Development Inc. has mainly focused on joint ventures in real estate developments and aquisistions, as well as the management and rental of properties.

Having established its professional expertise during four decades, Ramco Development Inc has successfuly accomplished the development, construction, rental and management of countless  projects, in Canada and in the United States, within the commercial, residential, institutional and communal sectors.

Commercial Sector

Ramco Development Inc. has assured the successful  accomplishment, among other, of shopping centers with multiple high end tennants(ranging from large area stores to fast food chains) office buildings and industrial buildings.

Keeping a close and constant regard for optimal quality, unwavering ethics, as well as respecting the budget and deadline agreed upon with the customer.

Residential Sector

In this sector, which includes very luxurious buildings as well as current, on trend, residential complexes,  Ramco Development Inc. particulary distinguished itself in the realisation of a very upscale and prestigious residential building situated at 1250  Greene Avenue, in Westmount, Quebec.  This neoclassical architechtural building is enhancing the particular architectural specifics to the Westmount area, and is now the reference in real estate in all matters of upscale luxury, comfort and elegance.

Rehabilitation of Historic Heritage buildings

Ramco Development Inc., clearly demonstrates its commitment to the preservation of historic buildings by re-purposing them – through redefining and rebuilding while preserving the richness of their architectural heritage.

And such, breathing new vitality in a historical neighborhood that once sheltered them.  In this regard, amongst other completed turn key projects are realisations of important buildings, both in respect of their size and historical importance, in the Old Montreal district.

This work has helped assert the unquestionable reputation and the contribution of Ramco Development Inc. in the specialized sector of rehabilitation and  revitalisation of heritage buildings.

Communal Sector

Thanks to a longstanding personal commitment to his community, Mr Jacob Attias has volonteered his professional expertise throughout the building process of many social causes.  Maimonide, Talmud Torah, Herzeliah and Yavné schools as well as Patro-Le Prévost (the religious order of St-Vincent de Paul), the Cote-St-Luc Community Center and Youth Center and the YWHA community complexe are some, among many, that have benefitted from Mr Jacob Attias personal involvement and the chairmanship of the construction as well as the financing committees.

Ramco Group of Companies

Ramco and its affiliates in real estate development is a group of companies, with professional expertise and know-how. Their activities range from the delivery of turnkey buildings to development of conventional real estate, acquisitions, partnerships and financing real estate projects to third parties.

Real Estate Acquisition
Property Management
and Leasing
Joint Venture
Of New Development & Acquisition
3rd Party Real Estate Development


Mr. Jacob Attias is the president-founder of Ramco Group of companies. Additionally, he acts as general contractor within the parent company, Cegeco Design and Construction Ltd, which has realized, since its inception in 1973, a variety of turnkey projects as well as major contracts through invitation or competitive bidding.

With more than 52 years of expertise in diverse areas relating to construction, Mr. Jacob Attias has successfully completed numerous contracts, all the while diligently respecting budget and scheduling,  especially for federal, provincial and municipal institutions as well as diverse clients both in the public and private sector.

His professional ethics and meticulous management of projects have earned him, from the beginning of his career, the recognition and respect from his customers and peers.

Very involved and dedicated to community service and social justice, Jacob Attias sits on the Board of well known not for profit charities and three renowned private educational institutions.

He also expresses his philanthropy in the constant support of medical research within the francophone and anglophone institutions in the fields of oncology(cancer treatments using cell therapy), cardiology and pneumology (interstitial lung disease).

Devoted to his family, his businesses and to his community, Jacob Attias distinguishes himself with his great leadership qualities as well as with his profound sense of loyalty and justice in both work and everyday life.

Commercial Portfolio

Food Supermarkets

Metro Groceries, Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal
Les 5 Saisons, Greene Avenue, Westmount
Winn-Dixie, Sanford Town Square, Central Florida

Fast Food

From Fortune 500 companies to Family Owned Businesses



Nationale Bank
Laurentienne Bank


From the most upscale condominium units to rental housing.

Les Résidences Daniel-Johnson Laval

Blvd. Daniel-Johnson (LOT 7 179 710)
(Corner of Blvd. Du Souvenir) Laval

209 Housing Units
25 Town Houses on 1 & 2 Levels
12 Penthouses on 1 & 2 Levels

1250 Greene Avenue, Westmount
City of Oviedo Oaks, Florida

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